MR. STEVIE: An Ingenious Music Creator!!!

Mr. Stevie is actively engaged in Detroit’s ever evolving music scene

Story by Abenaah Ezrah/ Tell Us Detroit

DETROIT (Tell Us Det) – Formally known as Stevie Soul, now “Mr. Stevie,” there is no difference in delivery nor talent- just a simple name change. If you’re just now getting hip to this Vocal Entertainer, YES-Vocal Entertainer, Award-Winning to be exact, you’re in for a treat!

Having an infatuation with music at an early age, a young Mr. Stevie also struggled with his speech and stuttering was his main demon. A stutter is described as speaking in such a way that the rhythm is interrupted by repetitions, blocks or spasms and as a child this can be extremely difficult to overcome only because of the ignorance to the action(s). Frustrated with his unsung talents, Mr. Stevie experimented with sounds and rhythmic techniques only to draw attention away from what he thought was a flaw. Soon realizing that during his time spent in speech therapy, a new discovery would lead him into a world of exclusive-ingenious creativity.

Just like an outline for a research project, or a simple cooking recipe; a task will only be completed if one step is taken at a time. As Stevie got older, he grew more patient with himself each day, reciting “step by step” and with the support of his family he overcame his obstacles. “Layering is how I perceived it,” “taking it line by line,” says Stevie, as if he never knew about his forthcoming success. “At first it wasn’t about music or the discovery, I just wanted to learn how to talk!” A vulnerable Stevie says the intent was not to be different, only to be accepted.

Stevie’s teenage years quickly approached and suddenly he was known for the ‘kid who beat boxed.’ Still tender to his discovery, he acknowledged himself to be one of a kind, and grew into the artist he is today.

Mr. Stevie in his creative zone!

Mr. Stevie is actively engaged in Detroit’s ever evolving music scene and some of his upcoming performances include The Allied Media Conference dated for June 28, 2012 and The Detroit Design Festival, September 19, 2012.

For a complete list of upcoming performances- visit:

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