“Think Like A Man” Part 2 Feature Report

“Think Like A Man” worked it’s magic in theaters opening weekend as movie fans turned out in droves making it the #1 film at the box office!

By Karen Dinkins/Tell Us USA Entertainment Editor

DETROIT (Tell Us USA) – Steve Harvey’s sage advice and beautifully written romantic comedy, about the trials and tribulations couples face in love relationships, raked in 33 million dollars opening weekend but critics are wondering if it will continue to hold its top spot. “Think Like A Man” goes up against the much talked about horror film “The Raven” and another romantic comedy “The 5-year Engagement”, this weekend.

“Think Like A Man” might be able to pull off a repeat performance, taking the top spot for the 2nd week in a row. It’s up to movie fans, if they prefer seeing a horror film or giving a new romantic comedy a chance. “Think Like A Man” fans are making an event out of it, checking out the movie in groups, wanting to see if it’s as good as the book. The box office receipts prove the film delivers. Despite the odds many fans predicted “Think Like A Man” would be # 1 at the box office. Tell Us USA Network’s Entertainment Editor Karen Dinkins talked with some movie fans who had no doubt!

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