“Keeping The Blues Alive”

Story by Abenaah Ezrah/Tell Us Detroit

DETROIT (Tell Us Det) Detroit’s Blues Man, Paul Miles, is back on the scene- after a six month “Peace & Blues” hiatus, Mr. Miles can be seen performing in and around the Metro Detroit area gracing the summer air with his melodic tunes. Recently featured on the Mitch Album radio show as one of the in studio artist, Mr. Miles is no stranger to the media. Today you can catch him at 7:30pm/PBS Channel 56.1, Metro Arts, a newly produced show taped in the Midtown studios.

Upcoming events include:
Bee Hive Charity at Townsend Hotel – 05/11/2012
Paul Miles Live w/ Band album recording – 06/08/2012
“The Blues & Jazz Benefit” – 07/07/2012
Paul Miles & The Band at New Center Park – 07/12/2012
Farmington Hills Farmers Market – 09/01/2012

You ask- what is blues? BLUE NOTES of course, of the
simplest form, a 12 bar chorus and a 3 line stanza. It sounds like poetry
even as an explanation! But the blues man was here before, here at a time –
when blues meant so much more. For a smooth groove and a post marked blue note visit http://www.pauljmilesmusic.com

“Peace & Blues” -Paul Miles

And be sure to share the music love!


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