DPD and Criminal Sociologist launch ‘Community Policing Initiative’ #DetroitCommunityService #TellUsDetroit

DETROIT (Tel Us Det) – Detroit Police Chief Ralph L. Godbee, Jr. and George Kelling, Ph.D., renowned national criminologist and author of Fixing Broken Windows: Restoring Order and Reducing Crime in Our Communities, held a press conference to discuss a pilot program to identify and reduce crime.

They were be joined by law enforcement officials and community representatives to discuss the steps being taken to prevent crime

Starting in June, Rosedale Park will get the “broken windows” initiative – the theory of attacking small crimes to wane down the big crimes. It comes from the Manhattan Institute and has been used to turn around crime rates in New York’s subway system and Times Square.

There have been 8 homicides and 33 nonfatal shootings in Detroit over the past five days, and Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee acknowledged today that those numbers are higher than normal.

“We’re swimming upstream from a violent crime standpoint,” Godbee said. “As quickly as we arrest (criminals), someone commits another crime.”

Angelo Henderson, co-founder of the citizen watchdog group Detroit 300, which was formed two years ago after senior citizens were assaulted and raped inside their homes, said his group’s ranks have swelled because residents are fed up with crime.

“It’s unreal what’s happening out there in the streets; absolutely unreal,” said Henderson, whose group regularly patrols the city. “Crimes are increasing our numbers, but we’d rather live in a safe place and not have to deal with this. But people are looking for options, and they’re turning to the Detroit 300.”

Godbee said the initiative will be in a 90-day testing period.

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