Kronk Gym has Long and Storied Boxing Pedigree, Steward and Hearns Still Detroit Ambassadors #TommyHearns #TellUsDetroit

Emmanuel Stewart, Raymond Rolak and Thomas Hearns at the new Kronk Gym – (Photo is Photo courtesy of Lars Hjelmroth)


By Raymond Rolak/Sports Editor – Tell Us Detroit

DETROIT (Tell Us Det) — Famed boxing trainer Emmanuel Steward and champion boxer Tommy Hearns met me recently at the famed Kronk Gym now on West Warren Avenue. We were there to help celebrate the “Hitman’s” induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Hearns was also helping to showcase two exciting fighters emerging from the next chapter in Kronk Boxing history.

Hearns and his entourage were also involved with a new comedic reality TV show being produced in Detroit. Tom Leyden, sports reporter for WXYZ-TV Channel-7 was also in on the hijinks. It was an episode of “Parking Wars” and the production crew had just punked a local meter reader. The assembled crowd was in on all the fun, as Hearns got a parking ticket on his double-parked jet-black Hummer.

Hearns went on to say how much Emmanuel has meant to him over the years. “Not only did he teach me to be a champion but he taught me how to be a man,” said the retired boxer. “He gave me gifts that I have used for my whole life,” added Hearns. Former boxing promoter Bill Kozerski was mentioned as his name came up in the conversations regarding Hearns. “Kozerski did much to help me get on the boxing map,” added Hearns.

There was a lot of reminiscing about the Detroit Recreation Boxing Program and the Athletic Office on Wreford Avenue near the Northwestern baseball diamonds. Also the Golden Gloves championship won in 1977 by Hearns that was hosted in Hawaii and the U.S. Olympic Boxing Trials in Detroit. Steward and Rolak were a big part of the administration of that project. They also helped host the Polish National Boxing Team in Detroit for a series of matches against the USOC selections. Detroit got a real close look at the hand speed of Sugar Ray Leonard during those bouts pre Montreal in 1976.

Tracey Gilliam along with Keith Lee and Cornelius Bundrage are in front of Emmanuel Stewards’ famed Kronk Gym on West Warren Avenue in Detroit. Bundrage aka “K-9” will take on Corey Spinks on June 30, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Lars Hjelmroth, Rolco Sports Network)

Tomasz Adamek to Take on the Tough Eddie Chambers

Polish born Tomasz Adamek will be taking on Eddie Chambers also on June 16, at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Adamek is 45-2 with 28 KO’s.

Sitting down with Adamek to talk about this heavyweight match he said, “Day after day, I train for the fight with Eddie Chambers. Eddie is shorter than me and he weighs less. He treats boxing and our fight very seriously. My people tell me there has been a lot of interest about our fight in U.S.A.” Both fighters are listed at 6’ 1”. The arena is expected to have a pro Adamek crowd with lots of Polish red apparel.

Chambers, a Philadelphia native son is 36-2 with 18 KO’s. On March 20, 2010 he faced Wladimir Klitschko for his first ever title shot in Düsseldorf, Germany. Klitschko defeated Chambers by knockout in the final round. The Ukrainian was criticized between rounds by his Detroit based trainer, Emanuel Steward, for not fighting aggressively enough. Klitschko began punching more often during the final round and eventually his left hook hit Chambers to the forehead. The punch made Chambers fall forwards and lose consciousness for a short amount of time. The referee stepped in and called an end to the contest instantly.

Chambers said, “This fight will be interesting and fast. I promise a very interesting fight and that I am going to take advantage of this opportunity.”

This fight will be 12 rounds instead of the customary 10. Kathy Duva of Main Events said this bout is the fourth edition of “Fight Night” on NBC Sports.

“Once I beat Adamek, I’m right back in the middle of it all,” Chambers said. Referring to the heavyweight rankings, he added, “All respect to Tomasz. He’s exciting and has a lot of heart, but I’ll be ready for anything.”

“They say Eddie Chambers has fast hands and likes to throw punches. I am also fast and I like to throw punches,” Adamek said. “I think on June 16th we will have a very exciting fight.”

Adamek was recently cheering on his adopted hockey team, the New Jersey Devils which are currently involved in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. “Roger Bloodworth and I are huge Devil supporters,” added Adamek. For boxing viewers the fight will be televised by NBC Sports. Main Events and Ziggy Promotions are promoting the match.
EDITORS NOTE: Raymond Rolak is a veteran and well traveled sports broadcaster.


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