DPD narcotics team remove 1.3 mil in drugs off the streets of Detroit #TellUsDetroit

Storage bins spilling over with marijuana stalks sat near more than a dozen bags containing thousands of yellow, pink and green ecstasy pills, cocaine, heroin and an arsenal of guns, in the $1.3 million in contraband Detroit narcotics officers seized off the streets during a three-day sting this month. (Photo by Thomas Richardson/Tell Us Detroit)

DETROIT (Tell Us Det) – Thursday afternoon the Detroit Police Headquarters smelled of fresh cut weed form the moment you entered the building from the street, until you reached the third floor conference room where three tables displayed a large cache of guns, heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and a huge box overflowing with marijuana.

Within the last seven days, the Detroit Police narcotics squad conducted over 40 raids, arresting 87 people and seizing an assortment of drugs and guns, more than $12,000 in cash and eight vehicles and in one case, coming under fire from dealers during the process. James Culpepper, 38, allegedly fired shots at officers. However, no agent was hurt, and the shooter was arrested without further incident, officials said.

“When people take hallucinogenic drugs, they’re out of their mind and they do violent things. And the narcotics trade isn’t like the stock market — the way (drug dealers) correct themselves is with an AK-47.”

Norcodics squad leader Lt. Harold Roshon said, “When we conduct these raids we are closely working with the Michigan Department of Corrections to assure that when we come in contact with individuals who are either parole violators or probation violators, that they are notified immediately and they can take appropriate actions after our arrests.”

Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. said that the June 6-9 raids led to 22 felony and 65 misdemeanor arrests of 41 adults and 45 juveniles.

“That’s significant, because when you’re dealing with the narcotics trade, obviously all the information and intelligence you gather help us to dismantle other criminal entities,” Godbee said during the Thursday afternoon news conference at police headquarters.

Godbee thanked the officers involved in the raids, but not by name, most of their identities are withheld because they work undercover.

“We have done some tremendous police work,” Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee said. “In the midst of all the financial issues in Detroit, we haven’t had the opportunity to talk about the work done by the fine men and women of the police department.”



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