Rock of Ages, Rocks the House at The box office this weekend #RockOfAges #MovieReview #TellUSDetroit

Leading man Tom Cruise is transformed into hard core Rocker with some serious vocal chops in his new movie “Rock of Ages”

Review by Karen Dinkins/Tell US USA News Network Entertainment Editor

HOLLYWOOD – Just think of the musical-comedy “Rock of Ages” as an ode to all of your favorite Rock Anthems from the late eighties. It’s fun to watch, it will make you laugh and the songs are unforgettable. “Rock of Ages” is the story of two young singers Diego Boneto (Drew Boley) and Julianne Hough (Sherry Christian) who are chasing their dreams in Los Angeles in 1987. They meet, it’s love at first sight and they encourage each other at “The Bourbon Room” night club where they work to take it to the next level and launch their careers.

It come off kind of corny at first, hearing a few words of dialogue and then the cast breaks out in song, but the stellar cast makes you forget about that, because they’re telling this story like real Rockers would through their music.

There are two amazing performances that makes this film movie worth seeing and it’s from heavy hitters Tom Cruise and Mary J. Blige. Mary does her thing, she’s the owner of a strip club and her look is stunning, hair and makeup flawless and the power house vocals are on a grander scale, making her regal, royal almost larger than life! You have to wait a while to see her in the movie but when you do, her presence and performance is unforgettable!

The scene stealer is Tom Cruise, because you see him like we’ve never seen him before. Who knew he could sing like he does in this movie? Cruise who plays Rocker Stacee Jaxx sounds like as stone cold, hard core, professional rock singer. That squeaky clean handsome leading man that can complete you and leap tall buildings at a single bound is gone. He has the arrogant, drug induced swagger that comes off dazed, confused and weird. But you know he’s a consummate, intelligent business man, who has a sense of entitlement but is burned out and wants more from life, like real love for instance. His mojo is so powerful women drop and faint when walks into a room and he’s not even trying. Cruise (Jaxx) does a complete 100 and transforms into this character. He’s brilliant.

Russell Brand as Lonny the clubs manager brings an authenticity to the movie because he’s a British Rocker and Alex Baldwin is really funny as the club’s owner. Catherine Zeta Jones brings her hard-driving Broadway dancing to the big screen and it really feels like overkill and a performance we’ve seen before that could’ve been left out. The only saving grace is that she’s a politicians wife who’s holding rally’s against rock music but she has a hidden past where she embraced it and the rockers who performed that music.

There is a believable chemistry at first between the two young lovers Boneto and Hough but circumstances in the story pull them apart and the star of the movie becomes the music, which is the driving force and because we know the songs it makes us feel like we are a part of the story. You’ll definitely enjoy yourself if you love the music form the 80’s! You’ll also like the production value which showcases these major stars like you’ve never seen them before and some breakout performances form new comers that will most certainly put them on the map for other major projects.

I give “Rock of Ages” 4 out of 5 stars. Click on the link below to watch a scene from the movie.


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