Buddy’s Pizza rolls out ‘Michigan Great Lakes Collection’ lineup #BuddysPizza #TellUsDetroit

By Sharon Hill/Tell Us Detroit

DETROIT (Tell Us Det) – Detroit’s original Buddy’s Pizza in partnership with Alliance for the Great Lakes on the beautiful scenic Belle Isle at the Historical Dossin Great Lakes Museum announced their collaboration of Made in Michigan Great Lakes Pizza Collection. In its 66th year anniversary Buddy’s Pizza originated the Detroit deep dish pie on Six Mile and Conant, a local family-owned restaurant has decided to advance the cause to enhance Michigan’s greatest resource. Michigan’s Great Lakes has the world’s largest collection of freshwater among its most treasured resources.

Buddy’s Pizza has joined forces with the Alliance for the Great Lakes to help further its mission to conserve and restore the five freshwater lakes through education, policy and volunteering. Buddy’s Pizza, president, Robert Jacobs is very excited about this project. Jacobs stated “I love Detroit, the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, the waterfront and what it has to offer, it is important that the natural resources are preserved.

“Since 1970 the Alliance for the Great Lakes has worked 100% to protect and restore the Great Lakes, but cannot do it alone,” said Jonas Smith of Chicago, sustainable business director at the Alliance for the Great Lakes. For more than 40 years, the independent citizen’s organization has been devoted to protecting the Great Lakes against threats like pollution, invasive species, such as the Asian Carp and wasteful water use.

Buddy’s Pizza a business made famous in the Great Lakes State and known as “one of the best pizzas” according to Pure Michigan, Buddy’s Pizza set to unveil its first Made in Michigan Great Lakes Pizza Collection. These new pizzas inspired by the lakes themselves, each feature Buddy’s original crust and the Motor City Cheese Blend.

For each pizza from the Great Lakes Pizza Collection sold, Buddy’s will donate $1 to the Alliance for the Great Lakes to assist in efforts to support the eco-system of a Pure Michigan environment.

The pizzas are the Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Superior.

Robert Jacobs went on to say that “There is no better way to help contribute to the future of our state than dedicate a collection of pizzas and portion of the profits to an organization fully dedicated to the lakes. We are proud to partner with the Alliance for the Great Lakes. “

Another project that the Alliance for the Great Lakes is involved in is the habitat restoration on the shorelines of Detroit, Chicago, New York, Cleveland and Milwaukee with a grant pending with the (NOAA) National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.

Others in attendance were Robert Bury, director of the Detroit Historical Museum and Dossin Great Lakes Museum along with Doug Dossin.



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