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It’s a girls, fun, fantasy night out this weekend thanks to the new movie “Magic Mike” and on the flip side “People like Us” is an intense drama that addresses how one family is forced to deal with its secrets and betrayals. “Tell US News USA Network’s”  Karen Dinkins says you’ll have a good time with one film and be inspired by the other. Check out her reviews on both and you’ll find out which is her top pick.

DETROIT (Tell Us USA) – On this weekend before the 4th of July Holiday movie fans have an eclectic choice between an unabashed, sexually charged night out with the girls from the Warner Brothers film “Magic Mike “and a powerful story of a family secrets revealed from the DreamWorks movie “People like us”. “Magic Mike” is a fun film loosely based on the life of Channing Tatum who was a stripper before his acting career took off. What the movie “Bridesmaids” did for weddings, “Magic Mike” will do for Bachelorette parties.

The story line seems promising, but it takes a back seat to Mike (Tatum) working his magic. He’s a stripper-entrepreneur who’s saving all of his money to put down as collateral on a loan, in hopes of starting his dream business making handmade furniture. You know the drill pretty girls, fast money and stripping is getting old and he wants more. No one really cares about that because Magic Mike (Tatum) is the reason women will flock to see this movie.

The rest of the cast doesn’t bring the magic like Mike. Alex Pettyfer (Adam), Matt Bomer (Ken) Joe Manganiello (B.D.R.) are more like background dancers setting the stage to showcase “Magic Mike” (Tatum) who carries this film. Matthew McConaughey (Dallas) who’s the stripper’s manager and show’s host has some appeal but he seems phony and more like a Carnival Ringmaster than a powerhouse stripper. You don’t come to see a film like this expecting the main character to find true love; you go to see it for the wild ride and the drama.

It’s almost as if Magic Mike (Tatum) thinks women will see him as a person and not solely as a stripper and he gets taken advantage of as a result because he really is that guy that’s using this job as a means to an end, but instead his love interests want the fantasy not the real man. I give “Magic Mike” 3.5 out of 5 stars.


“People Like Us” on the other hand is compelling story about a Salesman Sam (Chris Pine) who’s come back home to settle the estate of his deceased father a former Record Company Executive. Sam (Pine) discovers he has a sister Frankie (Elizabeth Banks) and a nephew Josh (Michael Hall D’Addario) that he didn’t know existed.

Pine’s father only leaves him an extensive record collection but asks his son in a handwritten note to give his sister and her young son a substantial amount of money that he hid away in a shaving kit. Sam (Pine) whose life is falling apart has also been estranged from his mother Lillian (Michelle Pfieffer) for 13 years. He’s not sure if she knows about his father’s love child but he’s trying to decide if he should honor his fathers’ dying wish or take the money and run.

The storyline seems so serious but it’s a comedy-drama and has some funny moments to take the edge off. Frankie (Banks) life is also crashing and burning. She’s a recovering alcoholic who works as a bartender and her son is 10 going on 40 and he’s out of control. All of her troubles stems from her father not being a part of her life and choosing her brothers’ family over hers.

What’s so powerful about this movie is that the adult children have to deal with the sins of the father and work through what it all means and decide if they want to respect and get to know each other as people. You actually get to see the impact the past transgressions, and betrayals have on this family and how these two siblings try to repair the damage. Powerful performances form Pine and Pfieffer who might just get Oscar nods. “People like Us” shows that you can get through the storm and find joy and healing on the other side. I give “People like us” 4 out of 5 stars.


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