Fatal party shooting an accident as hug becomes deadly #DetroitShooting #tellUsDetroit

By Karen Hudson Samuels/Tell Us Detroit

DETROIT (Tell Us Det) – The weekend accidental shooting death of Adaisha Miller by an off duty Detroit Police officer was “very tragic, unfortunate and not at all intentional” said Police Chief Ralph Godbee in issuing preliminary findings at a Monday afternoon press conference.

The Chief said a preliminary investigation made it clear that Officer Issac Parrish did not place his hand on the police issued weapon that discharged, striking a fatal blow to Miller’s chest as she danced behind him, touching his waist.

“There was some manipulation along the officer’s waistline (that) he did not control,” The weapon had a trigger safety built and does not go off without the trigger being engaged, at least in 99% of time said Godbee. Speculation that Miller may have inadvertently jostled the weapon is being investigated.

The 25 year old Miller was attending a fish fry at the officer’s home when the incident occurred; today she was to have celebrated her birthday.

Carrying a weapon off duty is at the discretion of the police officer and must be qualify as a primary weapon according to Godbee. Initial reports said the weapon was in a shoulder holster; Godbee corrected that saying it was a holster at the officer’s waist.

Once the final investigation is completed the findings will be turned over to the Wayne County prosecutor’s officer. In the meantime, Officer Parrish is on administrative restricted duty pending final investigation; he is “very remorseful of the incident” said the Godbee.



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