“Savages” is Brutal, Fearless, and Unforgettable #Savages #TellUsMovieReview #TellUsDetroit

By  Karen Dinkins/Tell US USA Networks’ Entertainment Editor

DETROIT (Tell Us USA) – “Savages” has many layers but you must prepare yourself because the violence is brutal and non-stop. I’ll admit I was very uncomfortable watching most of the scenes but it’s a powerful no holds barred movie that shows how out of control your life can become when you’re living on the extreme edge.

This is also a love story between a young rich woman “O” (Blake Lively) and boyfriends who are very successful independent drug dealers. One boyfriend is a former Special Ops Army Vet Chon (Taylor Kitsch) and her other boyfriend Ben (Aaron Johnson) is using his drug earnings to develop green projects in 3rd world countries and building schools in Africa. They’re independent Marijuana growers who’ve developed such a high quality strain that they’ve come to the attention of the Mexican Cartel who wants a piece of their action. Of course they turn down the partnership but offer to sell them their business. The Mexican Cartel led by Elena (Salma Hayek) makes a counter move they can’t refuse by kidnapping their girlfriend “O” (Blake Lively). All hell breaks loose on a whole other level and you see the savages come out on both sides.

John Travolta is still cool, playing a crooked DEA Agent Dennis who’s playing both sides of the fence, he’s the reason the young Marijuana growers had been protected up to this point. Benicio Del Toro is Lado, Elena’s (Salma Hayek’s) Enforcer and he’s the ultimate savage, the lowest of the low, cruel to the bone. Lado (Del Toro) gives it 100%. Elena (Salma Hayek) is killer in this role, she’s vicious, she’s brutal and has her all male crew trembling in their boots. She’s fierce! Her beauty makes her behavior even more chilling. Be on the look out for lots of surprises and twist and turns.

This is an impossible situation because the deck appears to be stacked against Chon (Kitsch) and Ben (Johnson) but they put the pressure on their DEA contact Dennis (Travolta) forcing him to help them. Money is the motivating force behind all the characters actions but this movie also asks the question: What would you do for love? and How far would go to save the person you love? When you watch “Savages” you’ll see that everything is put on the line from both sides to save or protect someone they love. I give “Savages” 5 out of 5 stars.


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