Griem denied motion to drop Bashara case #BasharaCase #TellUsDetroit

By Karen Hudson Samuels, National Deputy Editor

DETROIT (Tell Us Det) – Judge Kenneth King denied a motion filed by David Griem to end his representation of Robert Bashara — the Grosse Pointe businessman behind bars for allegedly hiring a hit man kill Joe Gentz in a Wayne County jail.

The Chief Judge of 36th District Court was not persuaded by Griem’s claim of “an irreparable breakdown in the attorney-client relationship.” Griem asked the court to suspend the relationship, an action both he and Bashara requested, saying it was like seeking a divorce, an analogy the Judge criticized.

Allegations of leaks by the police, delaying tactics by the prosecution were cited by Griem in his appeal to the court; he also criticized the media repeatedly for its coverage of the Bashara case, pointing to reporters in the courtroom.

When the Judge King asked for more foundational reasoning for dropping out of the case, Griem said going into more detail in open court would give the prosecution discovery and “insight into the case” a violation he said of the client/attorney relationship.

The Judge said he wanted evidence of the breakdown in the relationship; in the end Griem failed to satisfy the court and must appear with Bashara at a preliminary hearing next week. Bashara, who also addressed the court may bring in new representation said Judge King with Griem serving in an advisory role.

Bashara is charged with solicitation of murder in the death of his wife Jane Bashara. He is accused of paying handyman Joe Gentz to kill his wife and then later attempting to have Gentz killed before the case goes to trial.

Finally in a surprise move, Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Lisa Lindsey told the court that transcripts and material with witnesses names had been left unattended; she requested contempt of court citation again David Griem. Griem admitted sharing materials with Bashara’s mother; the Judge said this was a violation of the law which states that case materials should not be disclosed to any third parties. A showcase hearing will be held next week.



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