Local Studio Taps into Dancing Dreams #FemFataleDanceStudio #TellUsDetroit

By M. Binion/Tell Us Detroit

DETROIT (Tell Us Det) – There are many television shows these days featuring dancers. While some of the participants of those shows that hold auditions in various cities may provide a bit of comic relief, proper dance instruction is no laughing matter. For many of us watching the final rounds of various dance competitions provides a vicarious thrill of watching talented dancers and we develop an appreciation for the power and grace of which a well-trained human body is capable.

Watching these shows may lead us to wish we had learned to dance earlier in our lives or create a desire for us to see the children in our lives be able to express themselves through dance. Enter Fem Fatale Dance Studio of Oak Park and while the studio is preparing to celebrate the tenth year of its existence, it continues to celebrate the success of some of its students who have danced with the Detroit Pistons, Woodward Dream Cruise and others.

Though the studio has been successful in helping its students perform well in local and national competitions, there is also a desire at the studio to help those with limited or no dance experience to reach their dancing goals as well by fostering a collaborative environment and helping students to develop the self-discipline necessary for success. The studio offers a variety of programs for students of different ages and in different stages of their dance instruction. The studio’s session runs from September to June and provides training in ballet, tap, jazz, modern dance as well as several other specialties. The studio is located at 25250 Greenfield Road in Oak Park, Michigan.

For further information contact the studio at (248) 967-8198 or visit the studio’s website at www.femdance.com.




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