New look of ” @TotalRecall ” makes you long for the memories of the original film #TotalRecall #TellUsDetroit #TellUsUSANewsNetwork

By Karen Dinkins/Tell Us USA News Network Entertainment Editor

DETROIT (Tell Us Det) – In this remake of “Total Recall” Colin Farell plays -Doug Quaid/Hauser, a now classic role originally played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. You’d expect that Farell would make you forget all about the first film made in 1990 but his portrayal doesn’t. Farell/ Quaid-Hauser plays a bored construction worker who wants more out of life so he goes to “Total Rekall” a company which sells mind trips, where he gets to choose a more exciting life and keep the memories. As you know if you’ve seen the original movie Schwarzenegger/Quaid-Hauser is a double-agent but his memories have been wiped clean because of his “Total Rekall” experience, but those memories start coming back which puts him on a quest to discover who he really is.

Colin Farell plays this role as if he’s totally in the dark, he’s confused and troubled and you don’t get the impression that he’s a strong force until snippets of his memory start to return and then it’s as if his expertise, as the most sought after double agent, just happens by accident. Farell/Quaid-Hauser seems to be disconnected from the role which leaves the viewer lost about what’s going on. In comparison Schwarzenegger’s quirky charm and European flavor connects with audiences and because of his strong physique, stature and survival instincts you know he’s smarter than he looks and by sheer will he’ll discover his identity and get to the bottom of the situation.

“Total Recall” 2012 has some exceptional special effects and the design of the futuristic world is high tech but dark and dreary compared to the original. It’s interesting to watch but you don’t feel like it’s a futuristic world that you can relate to.

The premise of the film takes on a different twist it’s not about the government trying to develop and mine the resources on planet Mars for profit. In this version there are two colony’s the U.S. (American) Colony which is a poor community and the British colony which secretly plans to destroy the U.S. Colony by building synthetic Police Robots that will ultimately wage war and destroy innocent U.S. Colony citizens who won’t know what hit them.

Kate Beckinsale is outstanding as Farell/Quaid-Hauser’s fake wife Lori. She has some outstanding action scenes that show she’s no slouch. She’s relentless in her quest to capture and kill Farell/Quaid-Hauser once she learns who he is.
Jessica Biel/ Melina holds her own as Farrell’s real love interest. We haven’t seen her in a movie in a while and this definitely changes her image because she has to be more rugged and powerful.

Blast from the past former Rapper turned actor Bokeem Woodbine plays Harry, Farrell’s/Quaid’s-Hauser’s construction co-worker who’s secretly working for the enemy, assigned to watch him and keep him from discovering his former identity.

I watched the original to refresh my memory and I expected the remake to be a better version because the critics didn’t take Schwarzenegger’s acting career seriously but they knew how to harness his strengths and position him opposite other characters in such a way that it works ten times better than the 2012 version of Total Recall. You can follow the story easily in the original version and you’d believed that Schwarzenegger was a hero of sorts who would save the day. In the new version Farell/ Quaid-Hauser seems lost and he takes you on that trip with him but he doesn’t have the real power that we see throughout the original and you don’t know if he has what it takes to turn this situation around but I’ll let you be the judge of that when you see the movie yourself.

I give “Total Recall” 2012 3 out of 5 stars.


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