Golden Girl Still Glowing at Olympic Homecoming #Olympics #OlympicWinners #TellUsUSANewsNetwork

Olympic gold medalist swimmer Allison reacts to the adoring hometown crown in Canton, MI. (Dan Brenner/

By Raymond Rolak/Sports Editor-Tell Us Detroit

CANTON TOWNSHIP– When swimmer Allison Schmitt stopped home after her 2012 London Olympic experience she exclaimed, “I haven’t been home since December.”

Schmitt went on to say in front of an energized and overflowing audience in Heritage Park, “To be able to relax and share this with my family and supporters is great. Being here is amazing. I’m just so glad to be home.”

As the crowd listened attentively, she also singled out some of her teachers from both elementary and high school. She tried to acknowledge as many of her classmates from the 2008 Canton High School year as she could see. There were so many people. All in all, Allison was besieged.

The five time medal winner stopped home for three days before heading to Athens, Georgia for school obligations later in the week. She was peppered with questions regarding London, Michael Phelps, the Olympic pool and her Olympic routine in London.

Swimming was front and center during broadcast coverage at these 2012 London Olympic Games. The 22-year-old swimmer had become a familiar face nationally with all her NBC prime television time.

At this event, her patience and grace were a compliment to Coach Jack Bauerle’s varsity swimming program at Georgia. Schmitt is working toward a degree in psychology. Later she signed autographs, posed for photos and always displayed her ever-present smile.

“I’m definitely thinking about Rio,” Schmitt said. “I am planning to do four more years, I had a great Olympics this past time, it was a lot of fun and I want to repeat it. So I am definitely looking forward to Rio in 2016.”
Schmitt finished her address to the crowd with, “I have one more day with my family. I’m expecting to go back (Athens) and be the same exact person. I don’t know if I will be, I don’t know if people will look at me different. But I’m the same person – if I came back with no medals or if I came back with five medals – I’m still the same person and I hope people treat me the same.”

Earlier, she appeared at the Summit-on-the-Park recreation building with her family for a photo opportunity. “It’s something I want to share with everyone,” she said sitting between her parents Gail and Ralph Schmitt. “Every person that’s helped me get to where I am today, just being able to share my success with other people means a lot to me.”

Later the Canton Township community presented her with a personalized embroidered Olympic flag and a proclamation from the township supervisor.




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