Shimmer on the River 2012 a Magical Night to Celebrate Detrot’s Waterfront


By Mary Moore/Tell Us Detroit

DETROIT (Tell Us Det) – Detroit Riverfront Conservancy hosted this year’s gala at the beautiful Roostertail at the edge of the Detroit River. The night was perfect to celebrate its theme of Water, Earth, Fire and Air. Guests were greeted by an entrance filled with tree plants, flowers and people dressed in Earth attire sprinkled throughout the ‘garden walkway’. Water fountains and fire flames decorated the entire the space. All guests were in high spirits as conversation and laughter filled the Air. Festive is the best description and it immediately infected everyone as greetings were exchanged just like a room of old friends. All of the exquisite eats dedicated to the theme did their parts to keep the hands and mouth engaged as well. Someone was clever enough to use the creativity of Air as presented at the Marshmallow Bar filled with light and airy desserts. Perhaps the puffiness kept the calories from being an issue.

The project started by the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy has a mission of developing public access to the Detroit Riverfront for all to enjoy. People can always be seen walking, jogging, biking or just lounging beside the river. The ambitious venture will provide 5.5 miles of riverfront property to stretch from the Ambassador Bridge to Gabriel Richard Park. About three miles have been completed thanks to the generosity of many committed volunteers and sponsors. Board Chairman, Matt Cullen and President & CEO, Faye Nelson acknowledged the many who keep the commitment alive including Event Co-chairs-Sandy & Tom Pierce as well as Cindy Pasky-Event Sponsor. It takes the teamwork of many to keep things moving toward completion and sustainability.

Peter Karmanos, Jr. was honored for his long-term commitment and generosity to this project. He told the story of his father’s love for the city and the riverfront. Specifically, he recalled the question: “When was the last time Detroit reached its peak?” His shocking answer was 1962-63 just before the riot. He believes that ‘it is time to knock it off and bring the city back.’ People were nodding in agreement as some remembered when people from Chicago would come to Detroit to have a good time. Once the city has a vibrant riverfront and thriving businesses, will the people come?

It was evident from the passion in his voice that Detroit still holds the same special place in his heart that was placed and nurtured by his parents.
The Detroit RiverFront Conservancy saluted him with the Shimmer Award for his vision, his dedication and his generosity.

The high energy of the night kept going with the help of Singer-Thornetta Davis, dancers moving around the floor and a juggler dressed in white tails and a top-hat smoothly moving lighted colorful balls around his body. It’s true:
‘There’s no party like a Detroit party with generous big-hearted people.’


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